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The Vibe is Respect

The Vibe is Respect a community consultation report developed through the leadership of Central Toronto Youth Services in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services – Youth Justice Division and in collaboration with East Metro Youth Services and York Town Family Services. (November 2016)

FIT Guide

Families in transition a comprehensive guide  for parents and caregivers of Transgender and gender questioning  youth. Full of practical and sensitive parent-to-parent and professional therapeutic advice, it tries to anticipate and address common questions and concerns, as well as normalize the varied reactions families may have. For copies of this guide, contact us.

Youth-Gender Action Project Y-GAP

A community-based research project among CTYS, Pride & Prejudice, and Rebecca Hammond of Dalhousie University, which was funded through the Ontario HIV Treatment Network. The project was committed to understanding and improving the lives of trans youth living in Toronto and across Ontario through identifying gaps in knowledge about their lives and in current program/service delivery.

Wake Up: documentary following a group of LGBTQ youth as they conceive, write and perform the play “Wake Up,” a part of CTYS’ Pride & Prejudice/Gender Play program in 2009.