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Individual counselling

Young people we work with may need support with issues related to: gender identity and/or sexual orientation, relationships with romantic partners, family, peers or community, or the impact of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, transmisogyny and other forms of oppression (such as racism or ableism) on their mental health. They may also need support during a life transition. We serve youth who are struggling with depression or anxiety, or confronting traumatic experiences, including childhood abuse or family violence. We help clients make sense of and build resilience to cope with a variety of complex struggles. At the same time, youth are encouraged to explore and embrace their own individuality and identity.

Family Counselling and Parent support/education

LGBTQ2S youth and their parents/caregivers often have very different needs from counselling, for this reason, they may meet separately for a number of sessions, and eventually come together in joint sessions:

  • Parents/caregivers can access education and counselling about gender and transition-related issues, have a supportive space to explore fears, worries and societal/ cultural/ religious beliefs about gender and sexuality, and learn how to promote youth mental health at home;
  • Youth can do separate sessions on any issues relevant to their lives, as well as prepare for family sessions;
  • In joint sessions, families are supported to repair and strengthen their relationships, create supportive home environments, and improve their ability to communicate. Siblings and other family members may be involved in some sessions, if needed.

Families In Transition Info – English

Families In Transition Info – French

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