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CTYS’s Youth Justice Programs support young people who are serving a youth order and/or have matters before the Youth Court. YJ programs connect with youth who are facing a range of complex challenges in their homes, neighbourhoods, schools and communities.

Whether youth  are seeking bail, have had their court matter diverted, are serving a custodial sentence or are on probation. Our professionally staffed YJ programs offer guidance, counselling and comprehensive support to young people in ways that are engaging, respectful and empowering.

How do I access these services?

Young persons are referred to Relationship Skills for Violence Prevention (RSVP) and Enhanced Extra-Judicial Sanction (EEJS) as a result of a youth court order and are referred by Toronto probation officers at the Toronto Youth Courts.

Early Release Support Program (ERSP) is typically a condition on a young person’s bail release and requests for ERSP can be initiated by the young person and/or their family, legal counsel, youth court service providers as well as probation.
Toronto probation officers can refer to RSVP, Substance Use, Youth Justice Outreach Program (YJOP) and Transitions.
Probation officers and Youth Mental Health Court Workers can refer to the Youth Justice Mental Health Access program run in collaboration with Turning Point Youth Services.
Youth must consent and be willing to participate in all programs

With the exception of ERSP, for all other CTYS Youth Justice referrals contact:

YJ Intake Coordinator

FAX referrals to: 416-924-2930

Or contact Lori Brklacich 416-924-2100 ext. 230

[email protected]


Would you like more information about our Youth Justice program?

Contact the YJ Intake Coordinator: Lori Brklacich
416-924-2100 ext. 230
[email protected]