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How will I get my gift card?

An email will be sent to you after your work has been submitted with instructions of where your gift card can be picked up. If it is not possible to pick up your gift card, we will ask for your address to mail it out to you.

Can I submit more than one piece of artwork on the blog?

Yes, each applicant can submit one piece of work per format; one written piece, one image/image series, one illustration, and one video.

Why do we need Consent to Publish Images?

We want to make sure that everyone who gets featured on our blog is ok with being there. That means we ask that you read what it means to put an image in the public world and intentionally agree before we access the images you submit. Both yourself and the others in your images should have the choice to think again before handing over information.

Can I still send artwork after the deadline?

Unfortunately, no. But we will be having call-outs for submissions three times a year so if you miss a deadline there will be two more you can submit to within the same year.

If you would like an email to notify you when the next callout is, email us at

Are comments allowed on the blog?

Not just yet, unfortunately. Vision Restored is a platform of self-expression for youth by youth, which means one-way communication. In time we would love to include a platform for youth to communicate with other youth about the artworks and in doing so help create a dialogue. However, at this time we have not figured out a way to moderate this process in real time that ensures the safety of all participants.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

For any additional questions, please contact our team at

Trigger Warning

These pieces were all created by youth who feel passionate about sharing their thoughts. Some of the work looks at different issues that youth face, their perspectives of walking through struggles in their lives and their experiences of finding hope. As such, the work may contain writing, images, or concepts which could act as a trauma trigger as they mention suicide, depression and other issues that people may relate to.