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We envision healthy, resilient youth, young adults and families living in affirming communities free of all forms of discrimination, oppression, and prejudice.


CTYS is an equity based agency which strengthens mental health and resilience in youth, young adults and their families by providing timely, accessible, innovative, outcome oriented services.


Excellence and Adaptability

  • Our work is evidence informed, equity based and outcome driven
  • We embrace change and opportunity, encourage innovation and always seek to improve
  • We promote a culture of continuous learning

Equity, Inclusion and Respect

  • We value the contributions of each of us and our teams to our agency’s success
  • We encourage and welcome the engagement of youth and families
  • We honor diversity and inclusion through interactions and practices which are respectful, welcoming and free of bias

Youth, Young Adults and Family Centeredness

  • We understand and respect individual identity, beliefs and lived experience
  • We acknowledge and welcome families in all forms including chosen circles of support
  • We strive to create collaborative relationships with our clients

Accountability and Transparency

  • We strive at all times to enhance and sustain public trust
  • We commit to being open and accountable in our relationships with clients, funders and community stakeholders

Engagement and Collaboration

  • We believe that working in partnership with our clients and community is crucial to our success
  • We understand the importance of committing to shared values
  • We respect that diverse approaches and perspectives enrich outcomes and sustainability

Outspoken Support for Youth, Young Adults and Families

  • We will speak out against all forms of systemic discrimination which threaten the mental health of our clients and other young people
  • We will, in collaboration with our partners, advocate for the resources required to reach those many young people who have no access to the services they need
  • Together with our Lead Agency and community partners, we commit to the creation of a better system of care for youth needing mental health services in our community