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Connect 2 Chill (C2C) is a resource building space for youth of all genders, ages 14-18 (youth must be age 17 at the time of intake) who may have: worries; anxieties; struggles with mood; challenges with relationships; or need support with building wellness.

The C2C group aims to foster connections and community among youth and provides resources for managing during tough times, as well as offers opportunities to discuss the impacts of current societal contexts on wellness and mental health.

The program includes art & body based activities, mindfulness and other resourcing strategies to manage health and wellness, as well as a welcome space to connect with other students and decrease isolation through meaningful relationships.

Pre-registration and a phone intake are required.

How do I access this service?

Interested youth can self-refer and should contact intake at 416-924-2100 ext. 245 to find out if this program is right for your needs and to inquire as to whether this group is currently available.  Referrals from youth agencies, schools etc. are also welcome.