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June 9, 2018

By: Kaiser 

Let’s just say lately it has really become a vexatious situation, when one is asked “why you wear makeup?”… Many tend to get annoyed and aggravated, but why? Maybe it’s personal, maybe a bit of insecurity. Maybe they themselves really don’t know why they do it.

“Girl you’re so beautiful, you should just be yourself” Like how many times must we hear this, how many times are they going to tell us that ‘imperfections makes us different’. Meanwhile they fail to notice us without wild eyes and red lips, we always fall between the cracks.
“Oh you look cute today”, thank you we’d say with a smile but deep down the insecurities burn.

I tried to be myself yesterday, because YOU told me I shouldn’t be like everyone else.

But you failed to tell me how beautiful I looked – what a disappointment. Don’t tell me beauty is only skin deep, when really you won’t spare a second to see my inside beauty if my outside is not appealing enough.

I wear makeup to express that inner me, the creative and confident person I am inside.
Why shouldn’t I wear makeup? Because YOU don’t like it? It enhances MY natural beauty. Nothing is wrong with adding a little boldness to my plump lips, a little blush to my chubby cheeks. Don’t think I get up 1hr early every day to impress you, I do it for me. I wear it because it makes me happy, it frees me. My inner confidence comes out, and I’m bold and powerful.

I do it for me, just to add a little shine and be the best star I can be.

Some days, I merely just try to escape the insecurities and confusion. I use to wear my crown, but now it’s on the ground. I try to hide my flaws, I look in the mirror and I don’t feel complete. I hoped to see somebody else, cause the me I am is torn and broken. By all the judgment I wasn’t strong enough to bare.

And for all the other reasons makeup is worn… IT’S OK!
So I’m here to let you know I wear makeup because I AM an exclusive girl! I AM bold and creative and artistic! I express the unseen! And there’s not too much of me in this world!

It’s also none of your BUSINESS!

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