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June 11, 2018

By: Kaiser

I’m at a point in my life, where I’m as confused as days before. I don’t understand everything around and there is a lot of learn. But I’ve learnt a lot that I’ll forever be grateful for, and I’ve been through enough to know there’s more. But at this point, there is only one thing I’m sure of; my happiness and well-being. This happiness that I’ve developed over time, the one thing I’m sure I won’t allow anyone to steal from me.

It has been a while, a hard journey! But I’ve made it and I’m overwhelmingly happy, it’s unexplainable.

I will protect it, I will hide it! Because if they see it/ they’ll take it or destroy it. I’m not scared! I’m only securing myself and what makes me whole. I will not open up to a confused world of ego and selfishness. Only to be robbed and betrayed of my happiness! The one thing that is true! The one things that is pure.

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