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June 11, 2018

By: Kaiser

My life has never been easy, and never will be. Life is a rollercoaster, living each day is really hard! I call it the hardest battle.
I used to think I’ll never grow up. I used to think I was going through the worst. But now I’ve seen so much and I know there’s a lot more waiting to unfold.

The system is already hard enough. With pre-set goals, images, and expectations; with problematic politics, laws, policies, making it a challenge for us to grow and accomplish. It’s a FRAUD! The system – the system of government, the familial system, education system, rules, the new world – changing all the time. New problems and new challenges, creating more barriers.

My family, while a great support, they weren’t too far behind the cruel society. The conditioning. I was never really a first or the best in my family, just like in the system. I was always behind someone, who they thought was better. At one point I realized that it never had to be that bad if I didn’t want it to be.

There was a time I thought my life had changed for the best, but to be honest I was only being prepared for another obstacle, which prepared me for other obstacles. I called this point in my life the lowest, not because I was going through anything worse than anybody else, but because I wasn’t in the shadows anymore, I was being seen. I became a target and I was hated. This experience, it was something bigger, something greater than me. And I never really understood at first, but it didn’t take too long to click in. This particular system was different. And scary. I was always being watched and discriminated, including subtle ways because of how I looked. BLACK. I would walk in a store and I would become the main focus of whomever thought I was a THREAT.I would get nothing but bias and unfairness from teachers who saw that I maintained a grade way above average and way above everybody else.

I never made that keep me down for too long, instead I turned all those negative energies into something POSITIVE. I strived to do my utmost best, becoming someone great and becoming who I am now and growing through all I’ve been through. I’ve realized that doing me and being the best me is what really matters, even if there’s a lot of setbacks and negative changes.
I’m still freeing myself from all shackles. I feel unstoppable.

I don’t feel bitter or mad anymore about growing in this life, because I’ve done that and more.
Living is really about soaring, taking off from your lowest and realizing that everything else is up to you. What you put in is what you’ll get out.

FREE yourself from a vigorously negative life, and live what’s left.

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