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June 11, 2018

By: Chevy 

What life has taught me – to forgive, move through and move forward from my past because it’s something I can’t change. Just do me. Do better. Life has taught me that I can either learn from my past or I can let it break me.

  1. Yesterday is a lesson. The things you’ve done cannot be changed nor can we rewind time. They can however shape us into better, fuller versions of ourselves. The time, today, is what matters.
  2. Focus on the things that make you happy right at this moment. Stop thinking about the mistakes you made in the past. Find the joy in the now. What is your happy?
  3. It’s hard to forget about the past, but going out with friends and occupying time – dressing up and just doing you – can help a lot of the time.
  4. People will do us wrong. You get older every day and you learn. Wisdom, lessons and teachings sometimes come from unexpected places/experiences.
  5. Know its okay to make mistakes. It’s normal. You’re human and no one is perfect.
  6. Stop replaying the past by telling yourself “if you knew.” It has already happened. Make peace with that truth. It will set your free. Sometimes the very thing blocking our happiness is the past Healing is an act of strength.

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